seasaltSoaking your piercing in a sea salt mixture is a therapeutic method of aiding the healing process. It can be started two weeks after you have received your piercing. Not only will it aid the healing process, but will also help ward off infections.

For most piercing, mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt into a small 5 or 7oz. cup of warm water (about 8oz.). Make sure the salt crystals dissolve completely. The mixture should taste as salty as your tears. You can then take the cup and, while creating a vaccuum, invert the cup against your skin allowing the piercing to soak.

Some piercing locations make inverting a cup of water awkward or impossible to do. For these areas you can purchase a small travel size spray bottle or squeeze bottle from the dollar store. Simply fill the bottle with the sea salt mixture above and spray it onto the piercing area.

Another option is to put about 1/2 cup of sea salt into a warm bath and let your entire body soak for about 30 minutes. Not only is it theraputic, but it’s also very relaxing. Make sure the salt is completely dissolved before getting in the bath. When done, a quick rinse under the shower will rinse off the salt from your skin.

Once the piercing has been soaked, pat the piercing dry with a fresh paper towel. Avoid using cloth towels as they tend to breed bacteria. Cotton tipped swabs are great for getting into tight areas like navels, ears and other body areas…

Sea salt can be purchased at most major pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS, or your local supermarket. It can also be found at some GNC locations and other health stores as well as some better bath boutiques found in malls. Make sure you get natural sea salt without iodide.

Should you have any questions about the care and cleaning of your piercing, contact your piercer. Professional piercers will always make themselves available for consultations.

PIERCING CARE – Healing Sea Salts & Botanical Aftercare