Before you get your tattoo, make sure that the following items have been completed. Feel free to copy this list and use as a guide.


[_] Has the artwork been selected?
[_] Have you decided on the style of your tattoo?
[_] Is it in a style your artist can tattoo?
[_] Have you decided where to place your tattoo?
[_] If artwork is supplied by you, is it clean and approved by the tattoo artist?
[_] Do you have art samples (magazines clippings, pictures) to show the artist?
[_] If the artwork is to be done by the tattoo artist, is (s)he aware of it and prepared for it?
[_] If the artwork is to be done by the tattoo artist, have you approved the final draft?


[_] Have you selected an artist or shop?
[_] Are they known to be reputable?
[_] Have you browsed through the artist’s portfolio?
[_] Have you settled on a price for the tattoo?
[_] Have you discussed and been shown their sterilization procedures and equipment?
[_] Do you feel comfortable around the shop or artist?


[_] Are you wearing comfortable clothing that’s not constricting around the tattoo area?
[_] Are you rested, taken a shower and eaten a good meal?
[_] Make sure you do not use alcohol or aspirin based medication.
[_] Do you have your money to pay the artist?