March 17, 2017

Tattoo Info


In providing the information in these articles I have strived to answer the many questions first timers have about the process and risks of getting a tattoo. These articles will help you navigate through all the myths and misinformation about the tattooing process.If after reading these articles you still have questions, please write me and I’ll try to answer your question in a future article.


Aftercare for your new tattoo

Every artist has their own preferred method of taking care of a fresh tattoo, but in general the procedures all share the same basics. In this article I will explain the why and not just the how.

Alcohol and getting tattooed

One of the biggest misunderstood comments I have come across is, “If you drink alcohol before getting a tattoo you will bleed too much.” My answer to this is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Here is what I mean.

Choosing the right tattoo

Tattoo design choice is a matter of personal taste and your decisions should be done with care and forethought. Remember, the tattoo you get will be with you for the rest of your life. Here is a guide to the various tattoo styles.

Finding an artist or shop

You have made up your mind to finally get permanently marked. Before you go and “do it”, you better think twice about who does the work. Remember that your tattoo will be in your skin for the rest of your life, so be sure the artist you choose can do quality work.

First timer’s tattoo checklist

Before you get your tattoo, there are some things you need to take into consideration. Use this checklist to make sure that the following items have been completed. Feel free to copy this list and use as a guide.

Freehand tattoo over a scar

This article is a walkthrough of a freehand design on a client with a large scar on his forearm. This is a typical procedure for most of my freehand tattoos.

How a tattoo is applied

So, you have decided to get a tattoo. You have picked out the artwork and you know where you want to put it. You talked to the artist, settled on a price and filled out the standard release form. Now what happens?

Tips for a better tattoo experience

Here are some tips to help make your tattoo experience go smoothly. It’s all about the body, mind and spirit.

Where to put the tattoo

As Al, a friend of mine and tattoo artist as well, likes to put it, “a tattoo is going to hurt no matter where you get it, so you might as well get it where you want it.” Here are some other tips.