March 18, 2017

Piercing Info


Unfortunately most people get pierced without understanding the full implications of what they are doing. It is a commitment that requires a lot of care and maintenance in order for the piercing to succeed. Here are some articles to help you decide if a piercing is right for you.

Body piercing refers to the insertion of body jewelry into any part of the body that is typically enhanced by the addition of decorative jewelry. Body piercing, with the exception of earlobes, should never be done with a piercing gun. Piercing guns are designed to pierce earlobes only and nothing else. Its use on any other body part is a direct violation of the manufacturer’s recommended use and can be dangerous to an individual.

Ban the Piercing Gun

Likewise, getting together with your friends and piercing each other with safety pins has its share of dangers. Although your grandmother may have had her ears pierced in this fashion, I’m sure she didn’t try to put a large gauge ring through her belly button either. There are too many concerns to worry about today that the uninitiated is unaware of. Use common sense and a little forethought. Don’t risk your health or your friend’s because you think it’s a cool idea.


Aftercare – Ear and Facial

This articles discusses aftercare procedures for some of the more common facial and ear piercings available. They include earlobes, ear cartilage, bridge and eyebrow piercings.

Aftercare – General

Whether you have a new piercing or are looking to get a piercing soon, this is all the information you wanted to know about caring for your piercing but was afraid to ask.

Aftercare – Genital

This articles discusses aftercare procedures for some of the more common male and female genital piercings available. They include the Prince Albert, frenum, labial and hood piercings.

Aftercare – Oral

This articles discusses aftercare procedures for some of the more common oral piercings available. They include tongue, lip and beauty mark piercings.

Aftercare – Torso

This articles discusses aftercare procedures for some of the more common piercings done in the torso area. They include nipples, belly button and surface piercings.

Ban the piercing gun

With the growing popularity of piercing, there are plenty of opportunities for unscrupulous people to take advantage of someone else’s ignorance. Piercing guns are designed to pierce ear lobes only and nothing else. What amazes me is what people are using them to pierce.

Changing your jewelry

The prospect of having to change jewelry on a new piercing can seem daunting. This article will hopefully dismiss some of those fears and give you a practical way of exchanging body jewelry with minimal amount of discomfort and damage.

General piercing healing times

These reference tables list the healing times for most commonly requested piercings. Tables contain a link to their respective aftercare pages.

Piercee’s Bill of Rights

This information has been provided by the ‘Association of Professional Piercers’ as a guide to both body art practitioners and their clients.