March 23, 2017

General aftercare


Your freshly done tattoo will ooze plasma for a short while and should stop oozing within thirty to forty-five minutes after it’s done.

By the time you get home you need to remove any bandages and wash the area with cool water and a mild anti-bacterial soap.

Dry the area with a clean paper towel and apply a thin, even coat of first-aid ointment. Do not gob it on. Do not use petrolium jelly. The following ointments are suitable;

  • Triple Antibiotic Cream
  • Aquaphor®
  • Neosporin®
  • A+D Ointment® without zinc
  • Bacitracin®
  • Hydrocortisone Acetate Cream
  • Neomycin®
  • Preparation H®

Apply the ointment daily as needed. After a week you can use a skin moisturizer that does not contain lanolin. The following moisturizers are suitable;

  • Lubriderm® with aloe

Keep tattoo area clean and well moisturized during the healing process. Do not…

  • …expose tattoo to dirt or grease.
  • …expose tattoo to direct sun.
  • …expose tattoo to public water.
  • …expose tattoo to harsh irritants.
  • …pick at scabs or flaking skin.

Your tattoo should heal in about two weeks.

Aftercare for your new tattoo


Remove any crusting from outer area of piercing with warm water and a cotton tipped swab before cleaning.

Wash piercing no more than twice a day. Use anti-bacterial soap or a Benzalkonium-Chloride solution. The following solutions are suitable;

  • Bactine®
  • Ear Care® by Inverness®
  • Pierced Ear Antiseptic by MediSystem®
  • H2Ocean® piercing aftercare solution

Use mouthwash for oral piercing. Dilute mouthwash with water for prolonged care. Use mouthwash after eating, drinking or smoking.

Do not use alcohol or peroxide on your fresh piercing. Do not use ointments or creams.

Sea salt can be used after 2 weeks to sooth a fresh piercing.

Avoid clothing and activities that interfere with the jewelry. Once healed, many piercing require a change of jewelry to a more adequate size.

Do not handle piercing with dirty hands. Do not let friends handle piercing.

Your piercing may be swollen, tender and may bleed for up to 48 hours after piercing.

Jewelry tends to migrate with soft-tissue piercing. Some piercing will go through a ‘nesting’ period where jewelry settles in.

Healing times vary according to the type and location of the piercing.

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