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Unfortunately most people get pierced without understanding the full implications of what they are doing. It is a commitment that requires a lot of care and maintenance in order for the piercing to succeed. Here are some articles to help you decide if a piercing is right for you.

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The majority of these articles have been collected from other sites such as The Body, which contains a wide range of health related articles collected from the Center for Disease Control. While not directly associated with body modification, they are relevant to your health.

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In providing the information in these articles I have strived to answer the many questions first timers have about the process and risks of getting a tattoo. These articles will help you navigate through all the myths and misinformation about the tattooing process.

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The popularity and acceptance of tattoo art keeps growing yearly and so does tattooing as a business. With the many shops and artists looking to get your business, the choices are great. Unfortunately the risks are also just as great. That is why we have made it a point to help inform and educate people through the many articles found here on this site. Take a few moments and browse through the various articles.

At Excalibur Tattoo we believe in the magical power of a custom tattoo. When a tattoo is filled with symbolism and imagery that speaks directly to and about the wearer, there is nothing stronger. With the abundance of tattoo art available on the internet, we often encourage customers not to settle on what they find but to use those images as a stepping stone to their own design. We love nothing more than to create a custom tattoo for our customers.

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I prefer working in Black and Gray doing Celtic knotwork, animals and fantasy inspired themes.

In my free time I pursue commercial photography and enjoy teaching, off roading and family time with my wife and grandkids.

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